How do I know if my current battery has failed or is about to fail?

There are several symptoms of hybrid battery failure. Rapid or instantaneous change of the battery status is an easily identifiable symptom. This information can be located on the multifunction display. As the HV battery deteriorates you will notice the battery graphic fluctuating between one bar and eight bars in less than 30 seconds.

Another sign of HV battery failure is an audible fan noise coming from the battery’s cooling fan that is located next to the rear passenger seat. When a battery is about to fail it may overheat causing the fan to run faster than normal as it attempts to keep your battery cool.

When the battery does fail the car will illuminate several warning lights on both the dashboard and the center display screen. A red triangle, VSC, and ABS light (picture) on the dashboard, along with a red car with an exclamation point over it (picture) on the center display are indicative of battery problems. Once these warning lights have appeared safely take your Car to your nearest auto parts store  to have the diagnostic codes read. The following codes are specific to the hv battery:

  • P3000
  • P0A80
  • P3030
  • P3011 – P3024

Take note of all diagnostic codes and we will be happy to help you determine if our services are needed.


Advice on buying a used Hybrid Cars.

There are an abundance of used Hybrid on the market right now, it can be challenging to find an older model that does not have HV battery problems. To determine if the battery has already failed, check the dash for the warning lights mentioned above. These lights can be erased from the computers memory by disconnecting the 12v battery for a short time. Under these circumstances, an unknowing buyer can be fooled into purchasing a Car that will need a battery replacement. Driving the car 10+ Kms may reintroduce the warning lights, alerting you to a potential problem. Also pay particular attention to the battery status on the main display. If the meter rapidly fluctuates between one and eight bars, you may have a battery that has failed or is about to fail.

What is an HV battery?

The  HV (High Voltage) battery is a nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) battery pack consisting of 28 individual modules connected in a series. Each battery module in the pack should measure between 7.2-7.8 volts with about 6.5kwh of usable storage capacity. Each individual module has six 1.2 volt cells rendering the entire pack with 168 cells supplying 220 volts to the Prius electric motor. The electric motor and gas engine work together to provide the fuel economy the Prius is famous for.

Why did my HV battery fail?

As the cells in your packs are used, they can become unbalanced and develop differing electrical capacities. As the pack is used further, voltage differences between the cells continue to increase. This can become a problem because the pack is only as good as the weakest module. Batteries can fail for a variety of reasons such as excessive heat, age, manufacturing defects and impact damage.

What is a rebuilt battery?

A properly rebuilt battery is a refurbished battery that has been rebalanced to restore its capacity to near factory conditions. The rebuild process includes load and voltage testing of the 28 modules and replacing of damaged or underperforming modules.

Why buy a rebuilt battery from Hybrid Battery Rebuild Australia ?

Our rebuilt batteries are the most cost effective option if your car has high mileage. Dealer prices for a new HV battery are typically around $5,000.