Hybrid Battery Rebuilds started in late 2015 when John took an interest to hybrid systems and batteries. John went and received specialist training in the United States before coming back to begin testing batteries at AG Autogas Conversions. AG Autogas is one of the most recognised businesses in LPG and co-founded by John. Very quickly, this hobby out grew the area and HBRA moved into our current location. Although we are based in Lilydale Victoria, we regularly send batteries around the country. We also export hybrid batteries to Fiji, New Zealand and Europe.
The team consists of three members:

(Middle) John – Owner, Manager & Sales
(Right) Tim – Engineer, Technician & Social Media Manager
(Left) Joel – Engineer, Technician, IT & Marketing

Our aim is to become a trusted support for all hybrid vehicles throughout Australia. We try to educate our customers on the fault and the solutions in order to fix them. They can then make an educated decision on how they want to proceed on fixing the problem.