New Battery suitable for GS450h 2006 – Current

We offer brand new batteries for a much cheaper cost than what Lexus will charge. We are very experienced with the GS450h and it’s inner workings. Get in touch to discuss the products and services we can offer.

New or Rebuilt Battery suitable for ES300h 2012 – Current

The Lexus ES300h is based on the same platform as the Toyota Camry, as a result we offer both rebuilt and new batteries for this vehicle. A rebuilt battery uses modules that are no more than 5 years old that have been thoroughly tested before being built into a pre-existing battery case. Please get in touch for a quote as prices vary slightly depending on location.

New Battery suitable for RX400h/450h 2005 – Current

We offer new batteries for these vehicles for much cheaper than Lexus. Please get in contact to discuss the options available.